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Hi and welcome!

This website is my online portfolio and image gallery.
I'm working as freelance artist since 2006 and my specialty is sculpture and concept art.
Above all i do content for video games from design and concept till final in-game model .


There are some video games for which i worked :

For a few years working for The Order 1886
a wide range of content was made.
(Statues, animals, civilian clothing ,
environment objects, and
blood&gore stuff.
I got a new experiance here.

I did a set of outfit (high poly only)
for enemy soldiers:
LMG Trooper, Hazmat Trooper and
Helghast Capture Trooper.
Here i become a freelance artist:) My goal
on the project was making in-game models from scratch to the textured models. Above all it was outfit for civilians
and characters one of them - Mayor MacCready.

I did Flood. as i remember that
was Carrier, Combat and a large model
of infected Captain Keyes.
On that flood body were
faces of guys from Microsoft :)
I did some content for an online Multiplayr Mode, it was environment objects, level textures and infected by flood solders.

That was not for a long time but
I've done a set of characters includes a few civilians by my own concept.
A huge set of everythnig was made for
Saber Interactive especialy for this game: Characters, Bosses, and blood & gore stuff. All kind of clothing and footwear.
It's strange but i did some cloth
for this game.
For this game i created only one model :
the main boss - ALIEN QUEEN.
I did set of characters follow the concept
from Zbrush sculpture till the final textured model.

Fun game) I've made an enemies and characters for this project.
All military outfit and devices was made during the month.
I've made a set of zombies!
I feel good on this project. I made Characters, Bosses, Zombies and
some evironment objects
by my own concept.



Awards and Puplications:.














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